2022-07-11 - 2022-07-17

The Right to Work?

The recognition of the Right to Work as a basic human right indicates that each individual has the right to work. This maintains that they have the right to participate in the production and service of the activities of the human community, and the right to participate in the benefits derived through such joint activities to the extent that they guarantee an adequate standard of living. Thus, the Right to Work guarantees that no one is excluded from economic life. According to article 40 of the 2014 constitution, “Employment is the right of every citizen, and the government shall take the necessary measures to ensure it on the basis of efficiency and equity. All citizens shall have the right to work in decent conditions and on fair pay. " Nevertheless, Tunisia has seen increased unemployment rates in recent years, with record levels in the first half of 2021, and layoffs as a result of institutional bankruptcy. Since work is a fundamental human right that the government has a duty to guarantee to its people, a group of young men and women will gather to discuss this fundamental right in the fourth episode of Munathara Initiative’s newest project “Podcast Mayden Munathara”.


Mohammed Nefzi

Mariem Bejaoui

Sofien Bouabid

Mehdi Laadhari

شادي ميمونة

Khouloud Ben Ali

نذير سعد