Maydan Podcast

A monthly podcast that enables the listener to know what they need about human rights. An hour-long episode in which a moderator, an expert from civil society, and an influencer along with 5 young people of the next generation discusses the subject in an honest way. These podcasts goal is to promote and strengthen the voices of youth, women, and marginalized communities and raise awareness among local and national communities, civil society and government on human rights issues that are of public concern to Tunisian citizens.


The second episode of the podcast “Maydan Munathara”?

In the second episode of the “Maydan Munawara”, We talk about “The Right to Water” with Haifa Sdirii as moderator, Alaa Marzouki, founder of the Tunisian Water Observatory, and Mayssa Sandali, founder of the media platform specialized in environmental affairs BLUE.TN, with the participation of young men and women. The podcast took place in Gafsa, Down Town Cultural Café.

The first episode of the podcast “Maydan Munathara”?

The first episode of the podcast “Maydan Munathara” discusses the topic “The Right to a Fair Trial” ⚖ with Bassam Souissi and the presence of human rights activist Nawras Douzi and content creator Louay Charni, with the participation of the audience present on the Cultural Café Liberthé.