2021-09-29 - 2021-10-10


We’ve often came across tragic media sotries about irregular migrants trying to cross the mediterranean on “death boats”. Reports by human rights and humanitarian organizations come together when describing the sea passage from North Africa to Europe as the most dangerous in the world, then why are Maghreban youth still attempting to cross it? The Munathara Initiative is bringing together youth from Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria to discuss the issue of irregular migration ( called El Harga in north African dialects) in a town hall format with the hashtag “Elharga_Why?” on October 31st starting from 9 pm Tunis time.


عمر لشهب

سهام اولعايد

مروان بن النشري

يونس الداودي

خديجة الطوقي

فدوى اجزاغ

عبد الكريم اوتاغزوت

صهيب أيت واحي

كريمة شملال