2022-04-29 - 2022-05-28

The Right to Water?

The United Nations Development Program states that the right to water entitles everyone to have access to sufficient, safe, acceptable, physically accessible, and affordable water for personal and domestic use. The Tunisian government also guarantees the right to water through articles 13 and 44 of the constitution, and the draft legislation on the publication of the Water Code. Despite all of these legal guarantees, the right to water remains a right that is infringed. Currently, the share of every Tunisian citizen of water does not exceed 400 cubic meters annually, which is about 50 percent less than the amount required per capita according to international standards, which are estimated to be around 750 to 900 cubic meters per capita. Tunisia has witnessed a lack of drinking water in several regions in recent years, and citizens' protests are still ongoing. Since water is a fundamental human right that needs to be protected and guaranteed by the government, a group of young men and women discusses the extent to which the Tunisian citizen enjoys his right to water, in the second episode of Munathara’s newest podcast project, Maydan Munathara.